Test Scribe Power Tool Update

We updated the Test Scribe Power Tool for TCM today to include a fix allowing it to function correctly in the scenario where both Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 and Visual Studio Ultimate 2010 are installed on the same machine. If you have an older version of the power tool installed already, you will need to un-install it before installing the new version. The new version of Test Scribe includes a fix that will "do the right thing" with respect for assemblies referenced from the Global Assembly Cache. You can find the landing page for Test Scribe here.

Comments (4)

  1. Deborah Rowe says:

    I have downloaded latest version – but do not seen any icons for launching the tool.  Where was it installed?

  2. Allen Feinberg says:

    I'm still seeing a problem where I can't generate Test Run Summary documentation. I'm on VS 2010 Ultimate with VS2008 Team Suite installed on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Office 2007.

  3. Allen Feinberg says:

    Any update? We're still seeing the issue and we'd like to get the documentation generation to work. We've tried uninstalling VS 2008 Team Suite and VS 2008 Team Explorer but that hasn't fixed the issue.

  4. Steve Jones says:

    You run TestScribe from within TestManager.  On the TestManager top level, select a test plan to run TestScribe on.  At the top you'll see button at the top of the window from which you can select Tools.  At this level you'll see a Generate button at the top of the window displaying test plans or summaries to run TestScribe on.  That is how you run TestScribe.  Rather arcane but it works.  It takes some time if you have a lot of tests and test cases.



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