“Test Case Migrator Plus” (Excel/MHT to TCM) tool on codeplex

We have updated the “Test Case Migrator Plus (Excel/MHT)” tool (previously called Test Case Migrator) on codeplex today!!!

What's new for this version (RC2)

With this new drop in RC2, the following functionality has been added to the Excel based workflow: 

· Migrate not just Test case, but also Requirement/User story and Bug work item types.

· Migrate links (using “Links mapping” dialog (Excel flow)) between different work item types across different invocations/sessions of the tool. Refer to “LinksMapping(Excel)-Internals-Readme.doc” for additional details.

· Default link types supported include:

  • Parent/Child” links between Requirement::Requirement
  • “Related” links between Requirement::Requirement
  • “Related” links between Test Case::Test Case
  • “Related” links between Bug::Bug
  • “Related” links between Requirement::Bug
  • “Tested By/Tests” links between Requirement::Test Case
  • “Tested By/Tests” links between Bug::Test Case

· Create Test plans/test suites as part of migration process for a Test case work item type.

· Create Area/Iteration Paths at runtime based on folder hierarchy specified in excel file for all supported work item types.

· Analyze the migration process across different runs using “Consolidated Excel Pivot reports” (Excel flow) in addition to the session based output excel file.

· Updated and polished UI for the tool – now this is consistent with VS2010 theme.

· Improved and early inline error handling.

No changes have been made to the mht/doc based workflow other than UI polish.


URL: http://tcmimport.codeplex.com/

Readme: TestCaseMigratorPlus(Excel-MHT)-Readme

Links Mapping: LinksMapping(Excel)-Internals-Readme


Ravi Shanker

Program Manager

Comments (19)

  1. Mark Schickowski says:

    How can you import the folder structure you had in Test Director for Test Plans?  I have 4 subfolders with subfolders I want to maintain and can not find a way to do this.

  2. Namita says:

    I getting following error  "TFS30063:You are not authorized to access …..". and cannot move any further from here.

    Request you to please suggest a solution.

  3. Namita says:

    I found the resolution to the above error. I was actually accessing the TFS through VPN when I directly accessed it on the netework directly I no longer got this errro

  4. Shraddha says:

    This isn't working. When i use the tool to migrate, it says sucessfully migrated with no warnings nothing. But when i look back in TFS, links did not migrate. Not sure where is the issue. Report also doesn't say anything at all. please suggest what could be the issue?

  5. Mohit says:

    Any idea about what should be the destination field for the requirement id mapping while exporting test cases.

    And how to add new destination fields ?

  6. Ngoc Vo says:


    I've used "Test Case Migrator Plus" for few days. I found in the test case sample, we can import parameter to the steps, that's great. But I wonder if we can import the value for that parameter also?


  7. Sesal says:


    I have been able to migrate test cases from excel into Test Manager, however the Test Suite is not created.  

    I then have to manually create the test suite and 'Add' the migrated test cases to that suite.  

    Is there something I should be doing in addition to adding the test suite path to a column in my excel workbook and then referencing that column in the Field Mapping page and Test Suites ddl in the wizard?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Anand says:

    Hi Ravi,

    It's a great tool, I tried the tool, works perfectly but test suite/plan is not created or I can't see where the test cases are created although I mapped Test Suite to a path, m I missing something or the format how the path to be given, i tried all possible ways but no use, please suggest.



  9. Nitin says:

    We cannot update a Test Case using this tool? are we planning to add this feature in this tool?

  10. Updating the Test Cases in not possible using this Tool. says:

    Updating the Test Cases in not possible using this Tool.

  11. Shenanigans says:

    What is Changed Date+*? I have a spreadsheet that has 3 columns


    Expected Result


    The migration tool is really acting like a 'tool'. Any ideas how to use the migrator plus? The steps involved spit out confusing parameters. Any idea how a dummy can use this tool?

  12. JuliePulie1 says:

    I am receiving the following error when selecting the Next button from the Source screen: CLR20r3  System.IO.FileNotFoundException

    I am running this tool from my local machine with the TFS installed on a separate server.

    Tool = TestCaseMigratorPlus(Excel-MHT) V1.0 RC2 Binaries

    TFS with Visual Studio 2013

    Any information on how to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

  13. Ankur Akotkar says:

    I am using a VM which has Visual Studio ultimate and test case migrator tool.I am unable to add Excel sheet to the migrator tool.I have tried attaching the sample Excel sheetstill it is not attached.If I use the tool on my local machine I am able to attach Excel sheet.

    Kindly help

  14. Asim says:

    I am not able to view any value in 'Work item type:' on 'Destination' step. Can someone please help?

  15. Kris W says:

    What is the purpose of the ID mapping if it does not match and update?

  16. shilpi says:

    CAn any one help me out .

    I need to upload testcase form excel to TFS 2013 is it possible through Test Case Migrator

  17. shilpi says:

    CAn you please help me .

    how it will be work when user is using web TFS Access

    TFS 2013

  18. Smitha says:

    I am getting this error after I update the source field and click next

    popup with error is displayed "  Test Case Migrator Plus has stopped working and the only option is Close program .

    I have tweaked the excel worksheet to include the column names to that shown in sample .Kindly help



  19. Stuart says:

    I'm getting the same error as Smitha – I can select the source Excel file and when I click next the program shuts down and will not go any further. It also fails when someone on the same team as me runs it but passes when another colleague of mine uses it.

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