UITest Framework – SharePoint support for VS 2010


UITest framework supports Sharepoint 2007 & 2010 as any other ASP.Net application. This blog gives you an overview of what is not supported in SharePoint in Visual Studio 2010 release.



Since UITest uses IE pluggin for SharePoint also (as both uses IEDOM), please read the two deep dive blogs that was published on IE plugin to know about how this plugin works and how to troubleshoot failures.

UITest framework – IE Plugin - Part 1

UITest framework – IE Plugin - Part 2


Configs Supported

UITest supports SharePoint applications hosted on both IE7 and IE8. FireFox is not supported as SharePoint has different functionality between IE and FireFox.


Controls and Webparts not supported in SharePoint

  1. Custom ActiveX control called Datasheet
  2. ActiveX and custom web-parts not supported.  This includes Datasheet ActiveX, Silverlight web-parts and integration with InfoPath or other Office Applications.
  3. Actions on DatePicker will not aggregated, it will record raw clicks. This can be workaround by Hand Coding.


SharePoint Scenarios



UITest Support Level

Web portal scenario,  Use SharePoint to share information with authenticated users. Typically also integrates enterprise search and collaboration. Supported. Except if portal uses DataSheet and DatePicker.
Business Process automation workflows and (e.g. approval or change management) apps: SharePoint with InfoPath/outlook is used to implement Various workflow scenarios. Limited support due to (2)
Enterprise content management and collaboration: This is the most typical usage as seen within our group. This involves scenarios like document sharing, collaborative editing of documents, managing slide library. Supported
Enterprise Search Scenarios: Being able to quickly organize, locate and control access to business data. SharePoint integrates powerful search features and search apps are a key scenario. They allow customization of search queries and UI. Supported
Business Intelligence application: SharePoint 2007 with Excel services allows generating powerful dashboard and reporting sites with connect to back-end database and generate reports. Typical example is TFS reporting capabilities built on top of SharePoint Excel services. Supported. User has to use .Net API’s for image validations


Author – Venkatesh Sargunesan

Test Lead - CodedUITest

Comments (2)

  1. TESTER4MTM says:

    What if I want to test a MS Access project. Is this supported to test using MTM ?

  2. Kaiser says:

    Can you elaborate on the statement that custom web parts are not supported? I want to create coded UI tests for my custom web parts.

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