Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Test Manager

Sometimes when using Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), you want to quickly zip around the application, without using the mouse. We’ve enabled this in MTM with a number of keyboard shortcuts:

Area Shortcut
Backwards Alt+Left, Back Key (multimedia keyboards), and Back button on the mouse
Forwards Alt+Right, Forward Key (multimedia keyboards), and Forward button on the mouse
Home Home Key (multimedia keyboards)
Center Switcher Ctrl+~
Center Ctrl+1 through to Ctrl+0 (the first 10 centers, in the order they appear on the screen)
Action Ctrl+Shift+1 through to Ctrl+Shift+0 (the first 10 actions, in the order they appear on the screen)
New Work Item Ctrl+N
Open Items Ctrl+O, or the Open Key (multimedia keyboards)
Save Ctrl+S
Refresh F5, or the refresh key (multimedia keyboards)
Help F1
Close Ctrl+F4, or Ctrl+W
Go to work item Ctrl+G


Here’s a picture that points out all the buttons & their shortcuts:


Comments (4)

  1. Hello users  – how about the save and close button?


  2. Francis says:

    Hey Aliasgar,

    Exactly my though, how about the save and close button?

    Guess we'll have to keep ctrl+s and ctrl+w then :O


  3. Mike says:

    Whats the shortcut to Save & Close button?!

  4. Sudarsanan says:

    For the 'Save &Close'  button, use the 'ctrl+S+W' at the same time.

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