Upgrading Coded UI Test Projects from Beta2 to VS 2010 RC

The upgrade tool is now available in Visual Studio Gallery.


The following changes were made in Coded UI Test between VS 2010 Beta2 and RC.

1. UserControls.cs file has been removed. All specialized classes (HtmlButton, WinEdit, WpfCheckbox etc) are now part of the product.

2. 'Internet Explorer Server' control used to be part of the UI Control hierarchy for Html Controls. This has been removed to enable better support for extensibility.

3. For searching a Browser Window, exact name match will be used. 

4. The names of properties (e.g: DisplayText of a HtmlButton) previously used to be in a separate class hierarchy (e.g: HtmlProperties.Button.DisplayText).  This has now been modified to be part of the definition of each specialized class. Therefore, HtmlButton.PropertyNames.DisplayText will now give the name of the DisplayText property of HtmlButton.

5. Classes which did not have any additional property on them will now be treated as a Custom class. e.g: HtmlForm will now be treated as a HtmlCustom and its TagName property will be set to 'Form'. WinForms controls which don't have additional properties will be treated as a WinControl.  WPF controls which don't have additional properties will be treated as a WPFControl.


In order to upgrade the project to VS 2010 RC, perform the following steps.

1. Launch the Visual Studio Command Prompt

2. Run the following script

UITestUpgrade.exe <name of folder(s) to upgrade>

- This upgrade tool will fix all the changes listed below.

- All the folders under the specified folder(s) is searched recursively and all projects under it upgraded.

- Multiple folders may be specified, separated by comma.

- If a project is under source control, the upgrade tool will check it out of source control and make changes.

- A backup folder is created and all contents of the specified folder copied to it before making changes.

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