Another Prerelease Of VS10

We’re very excited about the recently announced plans to make a publicly available RC (release candidate) of VS10. We’ve done a lot of work since Beta 2 went out, and we’ve been cranking on bug fixes as well as integrating customer feedback.

For more information, check out these blog posts by Soma, Scott, and Brian.

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  1. kfkyle says:

    We upgraded to the 2010 RC last week and I finally got the chance to try out the Test Tools again after we had evaluated them with Beta 2.    I ran into a few unexpected behaviors that I want to point out to see if they are bugs or changes made.  

    Specifically,  the Test Steps as defined by the Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.Steps field on the Work Item Type for Test Case  (we’re using a customized version of the Agile Template) is no longer directly on the Work Item Type in Visual Studio.  It appears now that the Test Step editing must be done within MTLM but opening it using the "Open for edit" button on the work item test step control.   If this was intentional, I am curious as to why?  It feels quite cumbersome to have to open up to MLTM just to do this part of the edit of our Test Cases.  

    Also,  if you access the Test Case via the "Open for edit" and there are no steps yet defined, clicking on the tab with the Steps defined causes MTLM to crash if MLTM isn’t already open to the Project you are accessing at the time to you press this button.   If MLTM is already open in the current project, then the crash does not occur.

    Another minor note, on one of my tabs I see the following error message displayed in red "The control name LabelControl1 has already been used…". when I view the Test Case within MLTM.  I don’t see this when I view it in VS and recieve no WIT validation errors when uploaded my Test Case WIT.

    We are planning on going live with the RC and are very interested to know if any patches will be available prior to the release for any of these issues.

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