Clearing MTM’s Settings

With MTM, we store our settings in your user profile. Specifically the ‘Local App Data’ section of your user profile. These are simple XML files that have your settings from MTM – window size/location, whether the Test Runner is docked or floating, the queries you’ve configured in Test Case Manager, and other fun & exciting settings.

To easily navigate to them on Windows Vista, 2008, 7, or 2008 R2, open this folder in Windows Explorer:


Or, on XP, 2003, and 2003 R2:

%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\TeamTest\v10.0\

In this directory you will see a number of *.config files. They will be prefixed with ‘mtm’. The main configuration file is ‘mtm.config’ – the other files you see are isolated files for each of the activities within MTM. Feel free to open these files up; they’re just simple XML files with name-value pairs in them. Of course, change them at your own risk. 🙂

Sometimes, you might want to clear the settings that you’ve got stored. Either because you like to have things ‘clean’, or because you are trying to diagnose an issue. The simplest thing to do is to delete all the *.config files in the folder mentioned above. You should do this while MTM is not open, since we save your settings on exit. Once you’ve done this, you’ll start MTLM in the clean pristine state you had it when you first installed it.


Dominic Hopton

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