Beta2 of VS2010 is out!

Our first version of the manual testing experience is out again in Beta2 and has changed considerably from what you saw in Beta1. I urge you to try it out and give us feedback.

If you didn’t see Beta1, we have some blog walkthroughs of the UI that can be used for reference. For instance, our GM had a blog on all the things one would do from simple test planning to running a test case and logging a bug.

One of my favorite views of how the UI has progressed since conception was done by a PM on our team, Naysawn. You can see how rough the concepts started, and how dramatically different they are from Beta1.

Lastly, when you roll through Beta2, don’t forget to hit F1 to see the contextual help for the view you are in. Our user education expert, Katrina, has done some excellent work on that front and we’re very proud of the online help she’s produced.


David Williamson

Engineering Lead, MTLM

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