Lab Management?

MTLM stands for Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. This blog is dedicated to the testing aspects of this application (as well as the other testing features in VS). Even though testers need to use the lab management activities they tend to be doing one type of activity or another, so we have a separate blog…

Test Configurations in a Test Plan

For many, many test teams, we hear that they don’t typically test on more than one configuration. This is a big departure from what we at Microsoft are used to. Obviously we have many operating system versions including languages, versions of IE, versions of Office, etc. We’re used to dealing with testing on many platforms…

What is a Test Plan?

A common question we hear is how and when to use a test plan in MTLM. To most testers, a test plan is a document that describes the intended approach to testing for a feature, or more likely a group of features, for a specific release. It typically reviews the features to be tested, discusses…

Test Steps in MTLM

In a test case, there is a control to enter test steps in the first tab. It has several columns, but typically a person will be adding a test title, and sometimes some expected text. There’s also the ability to add attachments to steps. What you’ll see off the bat is an insertion row. Click…

Migrating Test Cases

Anutthara blogged about how to migrate test cases using Excel. This wouldn’t be hard to do, except getting test steps into a test case via the standard Excel integration is not possible. Our team has written a migration tool to help with that.

Activity Centers

When you load up Microsoft Test and Lab Manager (MTLM) and after connecting to a server, project, and plan, you’ll notice the top part of the application is devoted to navigation. Let’s break it down. The first part is the back and forward buttons. This isn’t a browser, but more and more apps these days…

Keyboard Shortcuts in MTLM

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of keyboard shortcuts. The right shortcuts can really speed up your computer use. For instance, some of my favorite ones in Windows include Win+Break to open computer properties, Win+E to open file explorer, and in Win7 all the Win+<shift>+ArrowKey combinations to move and position windows….

Blogger Chris Eargle discovers MTLM

In his recent post titled ‘Microsoft Test and Lab Manager’, Chris reports on reading about MTLM on Jason Zander’s blog. Looks like he is excited about the overview of features he saw. He’s right, this will make life easier for generalist testers out there. 🙂

Three kinds of test suites

In Microsoft Test and Lab Manager (MTLM) we have 3 kinds of test suites. The first is just called a suite, but internally we call it a static suite. That means you manually add test cases to it, and remove them as you see fit. This is akin to the test lists we’ve had in…

A new MSDN forum for MTLM!

With the advent of Beta2, we have more forums for the testing features, including an exclusive one for testing with Microsoft Test and Lab Manager. You can find the full list of Beta2 forums here. Cheers, David Williamson Engineering Lead, MTLM