Microsoft ® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” November 2007 CTP: Team Test



What’s new from Team Test?
We’re excited to show some of the features in our Test Case Management Solution! It’s all about creating a simple product that will be easy to use and will make your life easier. If manual tests are part of your daily work, and the process includes writing your test cases in a word processor, excel, or any other tool, we have something cool to offer. If you want to keep track of your projects in an easy way, knowing what is left to do and what has been done, we have something for you!


How does it work?
You are a test manager. Your task today is to create a test plan for the following week. The test plan will contain the test cases that testers need to run in order to sign-off and release any given product that you’re currently working on. Your day could look like this:
You get to your office, and open your test case management solution:


You can see the several Activity Centers: Home, Planning, Testing, Defects, and Reports. You decide to go to Planning, in order to create a Test Suite and add some test cases to it. A Test Suite is just a hierarchy of folders in which you will host your test cases:


After you create your test suite and have added test cases to it, you create a test configuration, which will be the configuration to be used when running your test cases (in our example, it will be on a VISTA OS in the English language).


Now that you have your test suite with test cases in it and an actual test configuration, you can go ahead and create your test plan. A test plan will contain one or more test passes. A test pass is just a combination of a test suite with a test configuration.


The test plan is done, and your testers are ready to start running their manual tests! By the way, if you are curious about what a test case looks like, here it is:


Your  testers can now go to the Testing Activity Center, choose the test plan that you just created, and start running the test cases assigned to them by using the Manual Test Runner. Results can be published to the server and seen in the test case management solution right away!


We want to hear from you!
Please leave your comments or any kind of feedback. We are in the early stages of development, and we want to hear you!

Download the CTP

David Gorena Elizondo

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