First Rosario CTP now available

Jeff Beehler wrote about the release of Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team System code name “Rosario” August 2007 CTP.  I want to call your attention to what Team Test has added in this preview that are worth checking out.  If you have been asking us to do more around test management and manual tests, you'll definitely want to take a look at this.

From Jeff's blog:

Requirements test coverage and manual testing – test cases are now stored and managed like other work items. As such, a user can run a query to determine which Requirements do not have any test cases associated with them then create new Test Cases at that point. We have greatly enhanced our support for creating manual test cases so that each step can be called out with specific instructions and expected results. When running the manual test, a video recording of the screen can be made in case a bug is found during testing. If a step fails, the tester can file a bug directly from the manual test runner which will prepopulate the bug form with the test steps, a copy of the video recording and a link to the test case making it much easier for testers to create actionable bugs for developers.

The download is available here.  We're looking forward to your feedback!


David R. Williamson, Engineering Lead

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