Shortcuts to the Docs

Have you ever looked for something in the testing tools documentation and had a hard time finding it? If so (or even if not!), consider the following places:

  • Need quick info on how to complete a task? Try How Do I in Team Edition for Testers. In its own minimalist way, this topic takes you right to the task topics of Team Test.

  • Do you have related tasks to accomplish? It might help to see a path through a work scenario, or a series of related tasks. Check out the Team Test walkthroughs. Walkthroughs for Team Edition for Testers points to all the walkthroughs, for all the test types.

  • Have you encountered problems while working with or running tests? We offer several troubleshooting topics, including this central clearinghouse: Troubleshooting in Team Edition for Testers.

 - Paul Schafer

writer, Team Test

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