Welcome back to the VSTT team blog!

Hi and welcome back to Quality Tools blog! After a long hiatus, we are back to talk to you again about all the cool and useful features that VSTT brings to your doorstep computer 🙂

A quick update on all the VSTT web activities so far:

Sean talks about adding an IE7 browser template for web tests which can also be used to add more browser types into your web test mix. Some of his older posts also include a handy way to stop web tests on error and a neat trick to increase load test perf on multi proc machines by simply switching from the workstation GC to the server GC. Sean's also put up a cool web app that is a one stop load test management site for users.

Ed Glas has a recent post on reading 32 bit perf counters on a 64 bit machine that lets you know how to get your x64 system to look for and send back 32 bits counters. I posted a tiny bit on copying tests into multiple test lists on the client. 

Next on the forums front, the VSTT forum is abuzz with activity with a variety of posts that our team is responding very quickly to. We have a healthy community on the forums that is increasing with time.

Of course, there are a great bunch of bloggers outside our team that have been talking about their experiences with VSTT and actively using it, reporting suggestions, bouquets and brickbats...more on those in the coming blogs.

So, you folks tell us what you would like to hear more about from us and we'll make sure there is a blog on that on the team blog. Keep the comments and blog reqs flowing...

- Anu

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