QFE (Patch) for Visual Studio Team System Database Edition GDR coming soon

Since the release of Visual Studio Team System 2008 GDR we have been working towards a solution for issues that were discovered and reported by customers shortly after release.  Since resources had to be assigned to this work, the Power Tool refresh for the GDR has been pushed out a little. A solution to customer issues with the GDR version will be delivered in a QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) service release available to customers who have upgraded their Visual Studio Team System 2008 Database Edition to the current GDR version.  This service release will be available to all customers through the same Microsoft Download channel customers acquired the GDR from.  We do not have a complete list of issues that will be addressed in this service release, but we will soon. The issues that have been prepared to be included in this release as of today are listed below:

Schema Validation
1. Aliased external objects do not resolve.
2. Permission type "SEND" is a database level permission.
3. Permissions with multiple INCLUDE or EXCLUDE treatment on its columns generates invalid error.
4. Common Table Expressions (CTE) names should respect the case-sensitivity.
5. Adding a permission with the object name defined as a zero string crashes VS.
6. OpenXML generates invalid warnings or errors in SQL 2000 database projects
7. Sub-queries defined at the column level should be able to reference table sources of the SELECT statement.
8. References to some SQL CLR Assemblies cannot be resolved causing invalid reference errors.
Schema Compare
1. Visual Studio crash when comparing a composite project (which has reference to server project) to a database on server with insufficient privileges.
2. Schema Compare option to limit comparison to only objects defined in the source does not work.
3. Schema Compare option to ignore Database Role Membership does not work.
4. Schema compare write updates to project comments out all children objects when the parent object is ignored in the comparison.
1. Preservation of Intent doesn’t handle creating a new object using a name that was previously refactored.
2. Preservation of Intent fails during deployment when a PRIMARY KEY is renamed .
Static Code Analysis
1. SR0014: Maintain compatibility between data types rule throws an exception when analyzing some schemas.
Schema Deployment
1. Output clause for parameters in STORED PROCEDURE is omitted during deployment.
2. Composite Projects that have segmented  tables and constraints causes an exception during deployment.
3. Deployment silently fails when it encounters unknown or invalid syntax from the target database.
4. Incremental deployment is dropping computed columns when updating column collations.
VSDBCMD Command Line Utility
1. VSDBCMD.exe throws exception when importing some database schemas.
2. VSDBCMD.exe throws exception when schema being deployed has multiple references to external dbschema files.
3. VSDBCMD.exe exits incorrectly with code=0 when it encounters unexpected exception.
4. VSDBCMD.exe depends on a registry key which prevents it from running on systems that do not have SSMS or VS installed.
Database Project System
1. SQLCMD Variables and Deployment properties files are not being persisted in the .user file when "My isolated development environment" is selected.
2. ALTER ANY DATABASE AUDIT and ALTER ANY SERVER AUDIT permissions are not imported from script.
3. Copying a solution containing a database project with database references to external dbschema files may causes deployment to encounter exception.
1. Installing the GDR while Visual Studio is active causes duplicate menu buttons under the Data menu.

An QFE release date has not been established for this release yet, but we want to let you know we recognize these issues,  are responding to your feedback,  and plan to resolve high priority issues as soon as possible. We expect to release the Power Tool refresh shortly after the QFE is released. 

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed above we invite you to submit the issue to the product team through the Microsoft Connect Site.

We will post an update about the QFE service release and Power Tools release in the coming weeks.

Comments (4)

  1. Barclay Hill says:

    Changing the deployment behavior of comments is not included at this time in the QFE. It is included in a future release of the product.  There has been an blog article published on this topic here: http://blogs.msdn.com/gertd/archive/2008/12/19/handling-of-comments-in-the-gdr.aspx

  2. We have had reports of customers that have been encountering a deployment failure of their database projects

  3. Vaccano says:

    I am excited to hear that there is a fix on the way.  Unfortunately the bugs in the standard GDR are too severe for me to use it as is.

    I had to uninstall the GDR.  Alas, we cannot use the SQL 2008 stuff!

    This fix cannot come soon enough.


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