Why a VSTO Runtime?

Download the audio fileDuration 9:48Size 7 MB Thomas Quinn answers Christin’s questions about why Visual Studio Tools for Office has its own runtime.   Related link: Thomas Quinn’s blog


Building Office Business Applications

Download the audio fileDuration 19:02Size 13.5 MB Joanna Bichsel from the Office Platform Strategy team joins Steve Fox to talk about how and why to build OBAs, including lessons learned from building a sales forecasting application using SharePoint, Excel, Word, SQL Server, and the Visual Studio Tools for Office ServerDocument features.     Related links: OBA…


Outlook Form Regions

Download the audio fileDuration 17:08Size 12.5 MB Mike Morton talks with Christin about using form regions to customize Outlook, and some of the new Outlook tools in VSTO that are coming in Beta 2. Related links: Creating Outlook Form Regions by Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office SE Creating Outlook Form Regions


OBAs and Office UI customization

Download the audio fileDuration 20:50Size 15 MB Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs talk about Office Business Applications (OBAs) and customizing the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. Related links: Office Business Applications Developer Portal MSDN Magazine article by Steve and Paul: New VSTO Features Help You Customize Word And Outlook Paul Stubbs’s blog


How Mike Walker’s Company Develops Office Solutions

Download the audio fileDuration 19:05Size 13.5 MB Mike Walker, a VSTO MVP, talks about the Office solutions his company develops, and how they plan to use the new features of the 2007 Microsoft Office system. Related Link:FWBS Ltd, Mike Walker’s company


Security and Deployment

Download the audio fileDuration 13:23Size 9.5 MB Darryn Lavery talks with Christin about the changes to security and deployment in Visual Studio 2008. Related link: ClickOnce Deployment


Orcas and Software Testing (Chinese Language Episode)

登陆澳克斯岛(VSTO2008) Download the audio fileDuration 9:48Size 7 MB In this Chinese-language episode, Mei Liang and Qiong Ou from VSTO QA provide an introduction to VSTO Orcas and software testing. Related links: Visual Studio Product Roadmap Orcas Island  


The Managed Add-in Framework

Download the audio fileDuration 14:33Size 10 MB Thomas Quinn talks with Christin about the VSTO runtime and the managed add-in framework. Related links:Thomas Quinn’s blog  


Documenting VSTO

Download the audio fileDuration 15:18Size 11 MB Christin talks with Christa Carpentiere, the documentation manager for VSTO and VSTA, about what’s coming up in Help and how the docs are created. Related link: The Visual Studio Tools for Office documentation on MSDN  


Going to Tech·Ed 2007

Download the audio fileDuration 11:00Size 8 MB Christin Boyd talks about the VSTO team’s plans for Tech·Ed in Orlando, Florida; in Barcelona, Spain; and in Queensland, Australia. Related links: Tech·Ed 2007 home page Tech·Ed 2007 Worldwide