Updated VSTO 2005 SE runtime is available

An updated VSTO 2005 SE runtime (VSTOR.exe, build .891) is now publicly available for download at:


This update contains a couple of bug fixes in the area of Outlook automation. It also contains a number of updates to support Visual Studio 2008. The Customer Support team is working on a KB describing more details of this update. More on that soon.

Comments (3)

  1. BobChauvin says:

    So, How do my client pc’s upgrade?  We need to deploy this to 200 desktops, but there is NO quiet uninstall for VSTO 2005.  Please advise!

  2. Bob_Chauvin says:

    Here is my NG post regarding the Uninstall runtime question.


  3. jessejacob says:

    It’s been three weeks…no KB article?

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