What is OBA?

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Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs talk about what Office Business Applications are, and how they relate to VSTO.

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Office Business Applications Developer Portal

Elite Model Management Case Study
Problem: Elite’s booking agents had difficulty using an industry-standard software package and often created process shortcuts. In addition, Elite managers had little visibility into financial performance.

Epicor Software Corporation Case Study
Problem: Epicor sought to increase the reach of its applications to more workers and provide access to its applications within the context of daily business activities.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of the State Auditor Case Study
Problem: The Office of the State Auditor needed to improve the speed and efficiency of the fraud-investigation process to address a case backlog and ensure expeditious processing of future cases.

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  1. Op de blog van Visual Studio Tools for Office (vsto) staat een post over Office Business Applications…

  2. Join Steve Fox and Paul Stubbs as they describe OBAs and how they relate to VSTO in this Podcast . The

  3. Paul Stubbs says:

    Steve Fox and I recorded a Podcast yesterday talking about Office Business Applications affectionately

  4. has the podcast moved? all i get is

    Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

  5. Harry Miller says:

    The server was probably down at the time–it seems to be working now.

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