VSTO Runtime Update to Address Premature WPF UI Thread Shutdown

In the VSTO Runtime released a month and a half ago (version 10.0.50701), a small regression was inadvertently introduced, which is fixed in today’s update to the runtime. The issue impacts add-ins that call Globals.Factory.GetVSTOObject on a Word document or Excel workbook.  If Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is used for the add-in’s user interface, and… Read more

VSTO Runtime Update to Address Slow Shutdown on .NET Framework 4.5.2

In a VSTO Runtime release earlier this year, we addressed an issue of slow application shutdown for add-ins using WPF controls on touch-enabled devices. With the release of .NET Framework 4.5.2 two months ago, and the increased usage of our latest runtime “in the wild”, we received customer feedback that the latest .NET 4.5.2 version… Read more

Using Windows Presentation Foundation and Line-of-Business Data in Microsoft Office Clients (Beth Massi)

I mentioned on my blog yesterday that SDN Magazine made an article I wrote back in May available online — and since it’s all about using WPF & data in a VSTO solution I thought I’d post the link up here too 🙂 Using Windows Presentation Foundation and Line-of-Business Data in Microsoft Office Clients In… Read more

Demonstrating how to sync Facebook events to Outlook

Every once in a while, we learn of neat apps that have been created with the Office development tools in Visual Studio. In an Outlook 2007 add-in, Jake Ginnivan combined WPF and the Facebook API to respond to Facebook events from a Ribbon. In addition, this add-in works in Outlook 2010 and has been deployed… Read more

WPF in Office Solutions (Harry Miller)

A few months ago, Andrew Whitechapel wrote an article and sample application that demonstrates combining the native capabilities of an Office client application with the UI capabilities of WPF. Behind the UI, the application is connected to remote data and services via WCF and uses the RAD features of LINQ to manipulate that data. Some… Read more