Office Development with Visual Studio 2008 Tutorial Series – Part 2(Beth Massi)

Last month Robert Green, VSTO MVP, started a series of tutorials on building on Office 2007. Today we published part 2 of his step-by-step tutorials. In this second part of the series of tutorials on Office Business Applications, learn how to create a Word 2007 price quote generation solution using Visual Studio 2008. This tutorial… Read more

TechEd Sessions on Office Development

If you’re going to TechEd in Los Angeles next week, then don’t miss these four sessions: DTL03-INT Meet the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Christin Boyd, Eric Carter, Paul Yuknewicz, Jay Schmelzer, Dustin Campbell, Jonathan Aneja, Luke Hoban, Igor Zinkovsky, Faisal Nasir, Harry Pierson, Lisa Feigenbaum Mon 5/11  2:45 PM-4:00 PM | Blue Theater 1 OFC325 … Read more

Test Automation Tips: “User Name” dialog after new install of Word (Christin Boyd, Bill Robertson)

We have a team of developers who focus entirely on writing test automation programs for the purpose of covering the huge matrix of test cases that Visual Studio requires.  We often configure new installs of Office and our automated tests need to deal with the special things that Office products do when you first run… Read more

Clearing Off Custom Menu Items in Word (Norm Estabrook)

Last month I posted this article that described how to prevent your add-in from creating duplicate menu items in Word.  If you have been experimenting with customization contexts, you might have several menu items that appear when you right click a document. The article that I posted shows how to prevent this from happening for… Read more

My Word Add-In Creates Duplicate Menu Items. Make it Stop! (Norm Estabrook)

So I want my add-in to place a custom command into the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu is that cool menu that appears when you right-click a document. Great, so I read some articles in MSDN, write some code, run the add-in and voila there it is! I give it to my buddy, he is… Read more

New "How Do I" Video on Creating Smart Tags in Word (Beth Massi)

Our very own Mary Lee has got a new video up on the Dev Center on programming smart tags in with custom recognizers in Word using Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1. This is a video version of the How To topic in the MSDN library. Watch or download the video here. Thanks Mary! Enjoy,–Beth… Read more

Why Can’t I Change the Update Path when Redeploying VSTO Solutions? (Christin Boyd, Kris Makey, Jeff Young)

The other day I was asked about the automatic Updates feature of VSTO 3.0 deployment.  In this scenario, he used the Publish Wizard in VS 2008 to create a Word document solution and the install manifest.   Then a bunch of people used the Word document, and kicked off the installer which then copied things to… Read more

Community Article: Enabling Speech Recognition in Microsoft Word 2007 with Visual Studio 2008 (Beth Massi)

A new community submitted article was just released on the Office Development with Visual Studio portal by MVP Alessandro Del Sole. In this article learn how to control the Vista operating system’s speech recognition engine in .NET from a custom task pane in Microsoft Word 2007. This article compliments Alessandro’s previous article on a text-to-speech… Read more

Word Add-ins Part 3: Search for Text Strings in Documents and Add Comments (Harry Miller)

You can search the text in any open Microsoft Office Word document for specific strings if you put the code in an application-level add-in. When you find an instance of the string, you can perform some action on it. This video shows how to flag the string with a comment that contains text passed in… Read more