Clearing Off Custom Menu Items in Word (Norm Estabrook)

Last month I posted this article that described how to prevent your add-in from creating duplicate menu items in Word.  If you have been experimenting with customization contexts, you might have several menu items that appear when you right click a document. The article that I posted shows how to prevent this from happening for… Read more

My Word Add-In Creates Duplicate Menu Items. Make it Stop! (Norm Estabrook)

So I want my add-in to place a custom command into the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu is that cool menu that appears when you right-click a document. Great, so I read some articles in MSDN, write some code, run the add-in and voila there it is! I give it to my buddy, he is… Read more

Visual Studio Command Bar for Arranging Controls on Documents and Worksheets (McLean Schofield)

One of the lesser-known features of Visual Studio Tools for Office is the Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel command bar. When you are developing a document-level project for Word or Excel (for example, a Word Document or Excel Workbook project) and you have the document or one of your worksheets open in the… Read more