Northwind Office Business Application Updated for Visual Studio, Office & SharePoint 2010 (Beth Massi)

Early last year we built a business application for order management for Northwind Traders on the Office and SharePoint platform using Visual Studio 2008 and Office & SharePoint 2007. Recently I started releasing articles on my blog that show how to upgrade the VS2008 version to VS2010: Migrating an Outlook Client to .NET Framework 4… Read more

Using Windows Presentation Foundation and Line-of-Business Data in Microsoft Office Clients (Beth Massi)

I mentioned on my blog yesterday that SDN Magazine made an article I wrote back in May available online — and since it’s all about using WPF & data in a VSTO solution I thought I’d post the link up here too 🙂 Using Windows Presentation Foundation and Line-of-Business Data in Microsoft Office Clients In… Read more

Test Automation Tips: “User Name” dialog after new install of Word (Christin Boyd, Bill Robertson)

We have a team of developers who focus entirely on writing test automation programs for the purpose of covering the huge matrix of test cases that Visual Studio requires.  We often configure new installs of Office and our automated tests need to deal with the special things that Office products do when you first run… Read more

Removing Customization Code Before E-Mailing a Document (Harry Miller)

When you create a document-level customization for a document, all the copies of the document will be customized too. Even if you save a copy of the document with a different name, when the document is opened it’ll try to find and run the code. All the saved data will still be there, it’ll just… Read more

MSDN Code Gallery launches Localized Hotfix Pages

All of the Visual Studio and .NET Framework hotfixes that are publicly available on MSDN Code Gallery are now localized in the following languages:  French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can browse the list of Hotfixes on MSDN CodeGallery here: MSDN Code Gallery allows the… Read more

WPF in Office Solutions (Harry Miller)

A few months ago, Andrew Whitechapel wrote an article and sample application that demonstrates combining the native capabilities of an Office client application with the UI capabilities of WPF. Behind the UI, the application is connected to remote data and services via WCF and uses the RAD features of LINQ to manipulate that data. Some… Read more

OBA Sample Application Kits Release to Web! (Christin Boyd)

If you’re looking for guidance on how to integrate SAP or PeopleSoft into your Office applications, then the OBA Sample Application Kits are a great place to start. An OBA, or Office Business Application, is a composite application that integrates line-of-business systems with Office applications (e.g. Excel or Outlook) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)… Read more

Deploying an Office solution using Windows Installer (Mary Lee)

Visual Studio 2008 offers a ClickOnce deployment experience for solutions developed for the 2007 Microsoft Office system.  However, if you want to deploy additional files, add extra registry keys, or use SMS, you may still be interested in creating a Windows Installer package. Here are the very basic steps to configure your setup project: 1…. Read more