Installing Office 2007/VSTO 3.0 Solutions on Computers with Office 2010 (Mary Lee)

You have probably been reading and hearing about Microsoft Office 2010 for some months. Now, you may be wondering how much work is necessary to install your existing Office 2007/VSTO 3.0 solutions on customer computers that have Office 2010. Perhaps you’re thinking about migrating the Windows Installer Setup projects or ClickOnce deploymen projects? The answer… Read more

Why is FrameworkVersionMismatchException thrown? (Hamed Ahmadi)

The “Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Deployment.FrameworkVersionMismatchException” is thrown due to the specific implementation of how VSTO 2010 runtime loads the appropriate CLR to install a VSTO customization. This exception is thrown when both .NET Framework 3.5 (CLR 2.0) and .NET Framework 4 (CLR 4) are installed on a machine and a VSTO customization which targets .NET Framework 4 is… Read more

VSTO 2010 Runtime components explained (Aaron Cathcart)

  During development of the VSTO 2010 Runtime we added a feature, dubbed Install on Demand, to support VSTO customizations that target both .NET Framework 3.5 and .NET Framework 4 without enforcing installation of both frameworks prior to installation of VSTO 2010. To facilitate this we needed to break the runtime into 3 components as… Read more

Will your VSTO addin run on Office 2010 64-bit? Yes, probably. (Christin Boyd)

The Visual Studio team is designing the runtime components for Office 2010 so that your Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 .NET addins, document solutions and spreadsheet solutions will run on 64-bit Office 2010.  These runtime components will ship with Office 2010, so your end-users won’t even have to download a… Read more

Removing Customization Code Before E-Mailing a Document (Harry Miller)

When you create a document-level customization for a document, all the copies of the document will be customized too. Even if you save a copy of the document with a different name, when the document is opened it’ll try to find and run the code. All the saved data will still be there, it’ll just… Read more

Assembly Could Not Be Found or Could Not Be Loaded (Harry Miller)

This video tells the story of someone who created an Excel 2003 workbook project in Visual Studio 2008.  No matter what configuration he tried on the client machine, he got this error when opening the workbook: The assembly could not be found or could not be loaded. Here’s the setup: Windows XP Professional PIAs for… Read more

Aggregating blogs in a blog (Mary Lee)

There are many resources to learn about Visual Studio Tools for Office, and they are scattered through blogdom and even the MSDN Library. In my one year on this team, I’ve collected various helpful links that I share here. The Visual Studio Tools for the Office System (3.0) whitepapers written by subjet matter expert like MVPs in the… Read more