Guest Post: Resources Available for VSTO Developers Wishing to Customize the User Interface

[Guest Post by Marty Andren, Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft] As a Microsoft Premier Field Engineer / Office Developer, a question I’m often asked when helping customers develop VSTO solutions is how to customize the user interface when building out their application. This question is not as simple as it sounds, as the approach used… Read more

Channel 9 Interview: Office Add-in (VSTO) Performance Tips & Tricks (Beth Massi, Stephen Peters)

In this interview, I sit down with Stephen Peters, a developer on the Office client tools team in Visual Studio. Steve shows us a couple of tricks for how you can squeeze the best performance out of Office solutions built with Visual Studio (VSTO). He also shows how to finely control the way your custom… Read more

Sharing a Ribbon Customization Between Office Projects in Visual Studio 2010 (McLean Schofield)

A customer on the VSTO forums recently noticed that the steps we blogged about for sharing a single Ribbon customization between multiple projects in Visual Studio 2008 no longer works in Visual Studio 2010. When following the instructions in the blog post, you get an error when you try to open the Ribbon code file… Read more

Handling Sort and Filter Events in Excel (Navneet Gupta)

Recently I helped two customers that were trying to solve this problem. They wanted to get notifications whenever Excel sorted or filtered data. This is not as easy as it sounds because Excel does not raise any events for sorting and filtering. I found two possible solutions, one of which requires much less coding but… Read more

Activate Ribbon Tabs in Office 2010 Solutions (Norm Estabrook)

Office 2010 now lets you activate tabs on the Ribbon. I gave this a try in a Outlook 2010 project and was very pleased with how easy it was to accomplish. Here are a couple of back-of-the-napkin examples that I chicken scratched over lunch. From the Ribbon Load event This code activates (puts in focus)… Read more

VSTO Performance: Delay Loading and You (Stephen Peters)

There have been a couple of blog posts about delay loading VSTO addins, and with Dev10 being released soon, it’s a good time to expand on the subject a little bit. This has been covered before, and I’ll avoid spending too much time here on topics that have already been covered.  For an overview of… Read more

Making a Custom Group Appear in the Message Tab of a Mail Item (Norm Estabrook)

You can add a custom group to the Message tab of an Outlook mail item.  For example, here is a custom group named "MyCoolGroup" that I added to the message tab of a new message: Outlook lets you open a message in the following two modes: Compose (you are drafting a new message). Read (you… Read more

Using Office 2010 Extensibility Schemas with VSTO addins for Beta 2 (Stephen Peters)

Office 2010 brings in many new features to the Ribbon and Backstage extensibility. In order to take advantage of those changes in VSTO addins, you will need to update your ribbon XML projects to use the new Office 2010 schema. First, you will need to see if the schema is installed. To do this, look… Read more

Do Your Outlook UI Elements Need Counseling? – Get your Form Regions, Ribbons, and Task Panes Talking to Each Other Again (Norm Estabrook)

So you want to open a task pane by using a button on the Ribbon. You also want a form region that appears in an e-mail item to detect the state of a control on a custom task pane so that you can add or remove an option that appears in a Ribbon menu right?… Read more