Migrating an Outlook Solution to .NET Framework 4 in Visual Studio 2010 (Norm Estabrook)

Visual Studio can help migrate your Outlook solutions from .NET Framework 3.5 to the .NET Framework 4. However, you still have to do a few things manually to make it all work.  Beth Massi converts an Outlook Solution that targets the .NET Framework 3.5 to an Outlook Solution that targets the .NET Framework 4 client… Read more

Making a Custom Group Appear in the Message Tab of a Mail Item (Norm Estabrook)

You can add a custom group to the Message tab of an Outlook mail item.  For example, here is a custom group named "MyCoolGroup" that I added to the message tab of a new message: Outlook lets you open a message in the following two modes: Compose (you are drafting a new message). Read (you… Read more

Office Development with Visual Studio 2008 Tutorial Series Started (Beth Massi)

Robert Green, VSTO MVP, has started a series of tutorials on building on Office 2007! Thanks Robert!  In this first of a series of tutorials on building applications on Office you’ll learn how to create an Outlook 2007 customer appointment management solution using Visual Studio 2008. This step-by-step tutorial also includes full source code in… Read more

Do Your Outlook UI Elements Need Counseling? – Get your Form Regions, Ribbons, and Task Panes Talking to Each Other Again (Norm Estabrook)

So you want to open a task pane by using a button on the Ribbon. You also want a form region that appears in an e-mail item to detect the state of a control on a custom task pane so that you can add or remove an option that appears in a Ribbon menu right?… Read more

TechEd Sessions on Office Development

If you’re going to TechEd in Los Angeles next week, then don’t miss these four sessions: DTL03-INT Meet the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Christin Boyd, Eric Carter, Paul Yuknewicz, Jay Schmelzer, Dustin Campbell, Jonathan Aneja, Luke Hoban, Igor Zinkovsky, Faisal Nasir, Harry Pierson, Lisa Feigenbaum Mon 5/11  2:45 PM-4:00 PM | Blue Theater 1 OFC325 … Read more

Here is a Way to Get the ID of a Built-in Outlook Command Bar Menu (Norm Estabrook)

Recently, a forum poster asked us how he could add a submenu item to a built-in menu item in Outlook.  Note that these are not controls that appear on the Ribbon of an Outlook item, but rather the menus that drop down from the top of the Outlook Explorer such as the View menu and… Read more

Making a Custom Ribbon Appear Only for a Custom Outlook Form (Norm Estabrook)

Many of you have posted questions to the VSTO Forum about how to make custom tabs, groups and controls appear only in cases where the user opens a custom form in Outlook. The reason why that is difficult to accomplish is because there is no way to specify the names of custom forms in the… Read more

Share a Ribbon Customization between Office Applications (Norm Estabrook)

We have received feedback from several folks that they would like design one Ribbon by using the Ribbon visual designer, and then re-use that same Ribbon in more than one Office application. This approach makes sense. If my custom tab looks the same for each application, I really don’t want to create the same Ribbon… Read more

Office Developer Conference: Developing and Deploying Office Solutions with VS 2008 (Christin Boyd)

Last Monday I presented session CLI202:  Developing and Deploying Smart Clients for Office at the Office Developer Conference in San Jose.  This blog post is a mini-version of the slides and demos from my session.  The session was not recorded. Slide 1:  Office Development In VS 2008 You can develop either Office 2003 or Office… Read more

Out Loud for Outlook: Speech Recognition & Synthesis (Nathan Carlson)

Nathan Carlson developed a creative solution for Outlook 2007 using Visual Studio 2008 (codename Orcas).  The Out Loud for Outlook project started as a dogfood testing project last summer.  For those of you unfamiliar with the dogfood testing practice at Microsoft, it’s a term for testing our own products in real-world solutions while they are… Read more