Why Should I Upgrade from .Net Framework 3.5 to .Net Framework 4 ? (Navneet Gupta)

I was chatting with some of my friends about Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 and they asked me why should they move their application to .Net Framework 4, I am answering the question here for everybody to benefit. Frankly speaking there is no definitive answer; it is like there is no single pill… Read more

Migrating an Outlook Solution to .NET Framework 4 in Visual Studio 2010 (Norm Estabrook)

Visual Studio can help migrate your Outlook solutions from .NET Framework 3.5 to the .NET Framework 4. However, you still have to do a few things manually to make it all work.  Beth Massi converts an Outlook Solution that targets the .NET Framework 3.5 to an Outlook Solution that targets the .NET Framework 4 client… Read more

Best Practices for Deployment with Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Mary Lee, Rachel Schaw)

After you develop Office solutions with Visual Studio Tools for Office, you can use Visual Studio 2008 SP1 to simplify your deployment experience. First, you can take advantage of the smaller .NET Framework Client Profile to decrease download time. Next, the Office 2007 primary interop assemblies (PIAs) are included in-the-box with VS2008 SP1 to avoid… Read more

VSTO and the .NET Framework Client Profile (Christin Boyd)

One of our loyal blog readers asked if “VSTO officially supports targeting the Client Profile? I did a quick check and it seems to be working fine but it is good if we explicitly mention whether it is supported.”  The answer is yes.  Starting in Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 (SP1), you can develop… Read more

What’s New in VS 2008 SP1 and how the VSTO team decided what to include in a Service Pack (Christin Boyd, Mary Lee)

Updated August, 2008 I’d like to give you some insight into how we decide what goes into a Service Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio.  I’m speaking specifically about how the VSTO team built SP1;  most other groups within Visual Studio use the same process.  We take a few different approaches including: Clearly defining the scope… Read more