Will your VSTO addin run on Office 2010 64-bit? Yes, probably. (Christin Boyd)

The Visual Studio team is designing the runtime components for Office 2010 so that your Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 .NET addins, document solutions and spreadsheet solutions will run on 64-bit Office 2010.  These runtime components will ship with Office 2010, so your end-users won’t even have to download a… Read more

BUG: “Old format or invalid type library” error when automating Excel (Christin Boyd)

A customer recently reported this bug when running their Shared Addin for Excel on French Windows.  Error: 0x80028018 (-2147647512) Description: Old Format or Invalid Type Library His solution worked great on English Windows, but gave errors in any other language.  This is a known problem in Excel and there are a few workarounds that work… Read more

32bit Visual Studio and 64bit Office (Christin Boyd)

Visual Studio 2010 will ship with a 32bit version, and no 64bit version.  My team built a very smart layer into Visual Studio 2010 to enable designers and debuggers that work with 64bit Office 2010 and 64bit SharePoint Server 2010.  For a good explanation of why the Visual Studio team chose to only build a… Read more

Use a path that resolves anywhere your VSTO solution could be deployed (Christin Boyd)

One of the VSTO MVPs pointed out that in some cases his customers were unable to resolve UNC paths consistently.  When he investigated further, he found that some branch offices of an enterprise were unable to resolve the UNC path (\myservermyvstoappsinstallpath) because of the way they setup their network infrastructure.  The only workaround he could… Read more

Sign up for Office 2010 Technical Preview

I’m at TechEd in LA, but it seems I could get just as much excitement just watching the Twittersphere today and watching #tela09 tags!  And my feet are killing me.  So be glad you’re sitting at your computer instead of walking around Los Angeles!  Let me give you some highlights for Office developers: Watch the… Read more

TechEd Sessions on Office Development

If you’re going to TechEd in Los Angeles next week, then don’t miss these four sessions: DTL03-INT Meet the Microsoft Visual Studio Team Christin Boyd, Eric Carter, Paul Yuknewicz, Jay Schmelzer, Dustin Campbell, Jonathan Aneja, Luke Hoban, Igor Zinkovsky, Faisal Nasir, Harry Pierson, Lisa Feigenbaum Mon 5/11  2:45 PM-4:00 PM | Blue Theater 1 OFC325 … Read more

Test Automation Tips: “User Name” dialog after new install of Word (Christin Boyd, Bill Robertson)

We have a team of developers who focus entirely on writing test automation programs for the purpose of covering the huge matrix of test cases that Visual Studio requires.  We often configure new installs of Office and our automated tests need to deal with the special things that Office products do when you first run… Read more

Ich bin ein VSTO

I hope I didn’t say “I am a doughnut.”  For native German speakers, you may already know about Lars Keller, a recent recipient of the Visual Studio MVP Award.  When the localized Help files and documentation aren’t enough, it helps to read technical content in your own language.  Lars writes a developer blog with quite… Read more

Developing for Office and SharePoint Server 2010 (Christin Boyd)

I get a lot of questions about the future.  When will Office and SharePoint release?  First half of 2010. Is VSTO part of Microsoft’s long term strategy?  Yes!  The Office tools shipped in VS 2008 and will ship in VS 2010 with lots of cool new improvements.  We strongly encourage and support .NET development on… Read more

Why Can’t I Change the Update Path when Redeploying VSTO Solutions? (Christin Boyd, Kris Makey, Jeff Young)

The other day I was asked about the automatic Updates feature of VSTO 3.0 deployment.  In this scenario, he used the Publish Wizard in VS 2008 to create a Word document solution and the install manifest.   Then a bunch of people used the Word document, and kicked off the installer which then copied things to… Read more