Troubleshoot VSTO Add-In Load Failures (Navneet Gupta)

We have helped many developers in troubleshooting VSTO add-in load failures. Hamed has written a very nice blog post explaining the basic steps to troubleshoot VSTO add-in load failures. Even if you have not faced this issue yet, I recommend reading the post because it contains basic information about Office add-ins that developers should know…. Read more

Why Should I Upgrade from .Net Framework 3.5 to .Net Framework 4 ? (Navneet Gupta)

I was chatting with some of my friends about Visual Studio 2010 and .Net Framework 4 and they asked me why should they move their application to .Net Framework 4, I am answering the question here for everybody to benefit. Frankly speaking there is no definitive answer; it is like there is no single pill… Read more

Deploying COM Add-ins for 64-bit Office using Visual Studio (Saaid Khan for Nathan Halstead)

Nathan Halstead is a Program Manager on the Visual Studio Team. He is responsible for various aspects of Visual Studio extensibility, and is an avid ice hockey enthusiast. On occasion, he’s been known to guest author technical articles on various Microsoft blogs and forums. My only contribution to this blog is posting it here :)…. Read more

Deploying your VSTO add-ins to All Users (Saurabh Bhatia)

An often-requested feature for VSTO add-ins is the ability to install an add-in for all users of a machine. Misha Shneerson had blogged about a workaround to enable this scenario here. This workaround is not recommended. Now, deploying an add-in to All Users is supported for both Microsoft Office 2007 (through a hotfix) and Microsoft… Read more

Taking COM Shim Wizards to 64-bit (Beth Massi)

When you build a managed Office extension of any kind, you should ensure that your extension is isolated from other extensions that might be loaded into the application. You do this by creating a custom shim. VSTO solutions do not require custom shims because the VSTO runtime includes default shim functionality. However, if you are… Read more

Add a Custom Task Pane to Project 2010 (Norm Estabrook)

Good news! Project 2010 supports custom task panes! Bad News! Getting one to appear in a Project 2010 is not so obvious. Good News! It’s a lot easier than I make it sound. In this post, I’ll show you how to add a custom task pane to Project 2010 by using a Project 2010 or… Read more

Office 2010 Application Compatibility Program (Beth Massi)

If you missed it, Office announced a compatibility program to help IT and developers who have built add-ins make a seamless upgrade to Office 2010.  We want you to have a successful and seamless migration to Office 2010 for your VSTO solutions. The program provides tools for environment assessment, code scanning and remediation assistance, and… Read more

Visual Studio 2010: Specify advanced publishing options (Saurabh Bhatia)

I have previously posted how you can specify various properties for a VSTO solution like the Publisher and Product Names by tweaking a few files in Visual Studio 2008. With Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2) you can edit these properties directly through the Publish Page. All Office projects in Visual Studio 2010 now have an… Read more

Community Article: Automate Common Office Tasks (Beth Massi)

If you haven’t seen it yet, we’ve got a new article from Robert Green (MVP) up on the VSTO Dev Center. In this article, learn how you can use Visual Studio to build application-level add-ins that automate common Microsoft Office tasks. It’s a good introduction to Office development with Visual Studio so check it out!… Read more

Do Your Outlook UI Elements Need Counseling? – Get your Form Regions, Ribbons, and Task Panes Talking to Each Other Again (Norm Estabrook)

So you want to open a task pane by using a button on the Ribbon. You also want a form region that appears in an e-mail item to detect the state of a control on a custom task pane so that you can add or remove an option that appears in a Ribbon menu right?… Read more