Here is a Way to Get the ID of a Built-in Outlook Command Bar Menu (Norm Estabrook)

Recently, a forum poster asked us how he could add a submenu item to a built-in menu item in Outlook.  Note that these are not controls that appear on the Ribbon of an Outlook item, but rather the menus that drop down from the top of the Outlook Explorer such as the View menu and… Read more

My Word Add-In Creates Duplicate Menu Items. Make it Stop! (Norm Estabrook)

So I want my add-in to place a custom command into the shortcut menu. The shortcut menu is that cool menu that appears when you right-click a document. Great, so I read some articles in MSDN, write some code, run the add-in and voila there it is! I give it to my buddy, he is… Read more

Create an Excel Shortcut Menu That Writes Selected Values to a Text File (Harry Miller)

It doesn’t take much code to add a command to a shortcut menu in Excel, but the menu objects have strange names so it’s not intuitive, to me at least. The trickiest part is just sorting out how it’s supposed to work, because it seems like it should be different from adding buttons to toolbars,… Read more

Microsoft Office Developer Show Episode 4 (Harry Miller)

In this episode: a tip about saving and restoring the position of custom toolbars in Outlook 2007, and how to copy values from one worksheet and paste them in another. Plus, Mary finishes her Excel application and sends it to her boss in e-mail. Duration: 4 minutes, 33 seconds Related resources for more information: Forum… Read more

Visual Studio Command Bar for Arranging Controls on Documents and Worksheets (McLean Schofield)

One of the lesser-known features of Visual Studio Tools for Office is the Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel command bar. When you are developing a document-level project for Word or Excel (for example, a Word Document or Excel Workbook project) and you have the document or one of your worksheets open in the… Read more