Office 2010 Application Compatibility Program (Beth Massi)

If you missed it, Office announced a compatibility program to help IT and developers who have built add-ins make a seamless upgrade to Office 2010.  We want you to have a successful and seamless migration to Office 2010 for your VSTO solutions. The program provides tools for environment assessment, code scanning and remediation assistance, and… Read more

Visual Studio 2010: Specify advanced publishing options (Saurabh Bhatia)

I have previously posted how you can specify various properties for a VSTO solution like the Publisher and Product Names by tweaking a few files in Visual Studio 2008. With Visual Studio 2010 (Beta 2) you can edit these properties directly through the Publish Page. All Office projects in Visual Studio 2010 now have an… Read more

Can I deploy my <Insert App Name Here> and all of its prerequisites in one file? (Mary Lee)

One frequent customer question is about how to deploy an application and all of its prerequisites in a single .msi or .exe file. This question applies whether you are deploying any of the following: Microsoft Office 2003 solutions with dependencies on .NET Framework 2.0, Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 SE runtime, Microsoft Office 2007… Read more

Office Development with Visual Studio 2008 Tutorial Series Started (Beth Massi)

Robert Green, VSTO MVP, has started a series of tutorials on building on Office 2007! Thanks Robert!  In this first of a series of tutorials on building applications on Office you’ll learn how to create an Outlook 2007 customer appointment management solution using Visual Studio 2008. This step-by-step tutorial also includes full source code in… Read more