Most Valuable Professionals and a Rocket Car

Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) are amazing!  They work really hard at their “day jobs” as developers and then they volunteer to help their local communities.  MVPs write blogs in many languages, deliver presentations at local User Groups, and answer questions on the Forums.  Once a year they fly to Redmond for a special conference to meet with the product teams.  This year 6 of the 15 VSTO MVPs came to Redmond, in the cold and rainy winter and a crappy economy, to learn what’s up in Microsoft and give us a ton of really detailed technical feedback. 

This year’s MVPs from the VSTO specialty included:

Robert Green, Helmut Obertanner, Ryosuke Uemoto, Maarten van Stam, and Mike Walker. 

The feedback flowed freely after a few Washington microbrews and greasy appetizers in one of the Microsoft cafeterias.  Here’s a picture of me, Maarten, Steve and Mike in front of my rocket car, which is called the Cappisen 38.


What did we talk about?  Everything!  We previewed some future stuff, and we really dove into the deep technical architecture of the VSTO Runtime, the Primary Interop Assemblies, and how the Office security model effects deployment.  Richard Cook and Misha Shneerson ran the deep dive discussion.  Rachel Schaw and Lily Ma presented an end-to-end OBA demonstration and Saurabh Bhatia presented ClickOnce deployment in great detail.