Word Add-ins Part 3: Search for Text Strings in Documents and Add Comments (Harry Miller)

You can search the text in any open Microsoft Office Word document for specific strings if you put the code in an application-level add-in. When you find an instance of the string, you can perform some action on it. This video shows how to flag the string with a comment that contains text passed in from a calling method.

The code comes from the forum thread that’s linked below, under "Related resources." You could just look at it there, but then you’d miss the whole "why did he get knocked in the head last time" thing. Oh, the title is different in the video because no one would search the Web for "to hunt lives the add-in" to answer this question, but I think it’s a much more dramatic title for a video about an add-in that searches for stuff, after you’ve already found the video.

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Duration: 3 minutes, 39 seconds