MSDN Code Gallery launches Localized Hotfix Pages

All of the Visual Studio and .NET Framework hotfixes that are publicly available on MSDN Code Gallery are now localized in the following languages:  French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese. You can browse the list of Hotfixes on MSDN CodeGallery here: MSDN Code Gallery allows the community to provide feedback on our hotfixes and they can stay informed when a new hotfix is released by subscribing to the following RSS feed:  You can customize your RSS feed by adding additional tags, such as “Visual Studio 2008.”  The Hotfixes will not necessarily be tagged with “VSTO” if they pertain to Office development because that is not part of the Hotfix taxonomy of tags.  The Hotfixes are usually just tagged with the version of Visual Studio or the version of the .NET Framework, and often not tagged with the sub-part of the feature within VS.

Below, we’ve highlighted how the translation options appear in each hotfix resource page.  When a community member selects a language, it will take them to a resource page where they can read the localized KB article content and details for the hotfix they’ve selected.  The full description of the Hotfix is documented in a Knowledge Base (KB) article on the Help and Support site.  The KB article and the Hotfix download pages are cross referenced and circled in red. 


Below you can see the same page in Simplified Chinese, with the link to the KB article circled in red:


-Christin Boyd, Program Manager, Visual Studio