Office development audio series 1 is now available (Harry Miller)

If you’d like a quick introduction to the main aspects of Office development using Visual Studio 2008 Professional, you can now get it while you drive, travel, exercise, eat lunch, or whenever you usually listen to your portable MP3 player. (Of course, you can also listen at your computer with your usual media player.) There are eight episodes that you can get individually or as a zipped group from this Microsoft Download Center page:

Audio: Office Development Overview Series

Portable media player Listen at your computer Listen on the go

Each of the eight episodes is about five minutes long or less, and the whole series back-to-back lasts about 30 minutes. There’s also a zipped file that contains transcripts for each episode.

We have two more series planned for release in May that get deeper into details about Office development. Let us know what you think about these by leaving a comment on this post–we’d like to get your feedback.