VSTA DTEProvider has the ability to launch Visual Studio

In VSTA 2.0, you can use DTEProvider to launch Visual Studio instead of VSTA, which can be helpful for debugging or provide additional functionalities for users who already have Visual Studio installed. For example, in ShapeAppCSharpMacroRecording sample, in EnsureIDE function of VstaDesignTimeIntegration.cs you can change the code of IDTEProvider dteProvider = (IDTEProvider)new VSTADTEProviderClass(); this.dte =…


Using WPF in VSTA 2.0

In VSTA 2.0, you have the ability to use WPF. In this post, we will show a simple example to add video to a VSTA add-in using WPF. We will start with ShapeAppCSharpBasic Example. Launch VSTA using “vsta.exe /hostid ShapeAppCSharp”, Create a new C# project choosing ShapeAppCSharp-AppLevel template, accept the default name: Go to Project…


Additional information about VSTA

Just providing a link to my blog here, that has some information captured about VSTA http://blogs.msdn.com/sandeep_bhatia