VSTA DTEProvider has the ability to launch Visual Studio

In VSTA 2.0, you can use DTEProvider to launch Visual Studio instead of VSTA, which can be helpful for debugging or provide additional functionalities for users who already have Visual Studio installed. For example, in ShapeAppCSharpMacroRecording sample, in EnsureIDE function of VstaDesignTimeIntegration.cs you can change the code of IDTEProvider dteProvider = (IDTEProvider)new VSTADTEProviderClass(); this.dte =…


Using WPF in VSTA 2.0

In VSTA 2.0, you have the ability to use WPF. In this post, we will show a simple example to add video to a VSTA add-in using WPF. We will start with ShapeAppCSharpBasic Example. Launch VSTA using “vsta.exe /hostid ShapeAppCSharp”, Create a new C# project choosing ShapeAppCSharp-AppLevel template, accept the default name: Go to Project…


Additional information about VSTA

Just providing a link to my blog here, that has some information captured about VSTA http://blogs.msdn.com/sandeep_bhatia


Creating a Host Item Template

The VSTA SDK provides samples and help topics that show you how to dynamically add host items to VSTA add-in projects. However, If you’ve read the topic "How to: Add and Remove Host Items in an Add-in Project", you might have been a bit confused by the following code snippet:     Where did the…


Learn about VSTA customer success stories and innovations in VSTA 2.0, tune into our webcast on Sep 27, 2007 at 9 AM PST

Come join us for a webcast on September 27, 2007 at 9:00 AM PST to learn about customer success stories who are using VSTA and the innovations we have made in VSTA 2.0. Naveen Yajaman, Program Manager on the VSTA team will be presenting. For more event details and registration: http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/EventDetail.aspx?EventID=1032351235&Culture=en-US  In this session we will discuss…


How to Integrate the .NET Framework SDK Documentation with VSTA

The InfoPath team shows you how to integrate the .Net Framework help into the VSTA IDE for InfoPath. Make sure you follow the note about starting InfoPath as an administrator if you are using Windows Vista with UAC turned on (which you should be doing and is the default behavior) Read more here on the…

VSTA Video: VSTA at a glance

Harry Miller who is a documentation writer on the VSTO and VSTA team has created a short video that looks at VSTA. This video does an excellent job at explaining at a high level (manager view) what is VSTA, what are some of the features and how it is integrated. Watch video. ShapeApp sample application….

VSTA powers Solgenia customizations

Solgenia is one the of first ISV customers to integrate Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) into their GeoMap software suite. Russ Fustino will be doing a demo of Solgenia’s VSTA integration at Teched 2007 in Orlando this June. Read more about VSTA on Solgenia’s site http://www.solgenia.com/include/read.asp?lang=&IdArt=5342&IdCat=426

VSTA Video: VSTA Overview

By now you have seen Visual Studio Tools for Applications in Office InfoPath 2007 and have been wondering about how to integrate VSTA into your applications. Watch Eric and Naveen take you through the features and design goals of VSTA. Watch Now

VSTA 2005 SDK Launch Announcement

I am pleased to announce the release of the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications Software Development Kit (SDK). VSTA allows Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and enterprises to add application customization to their applications. Microsoft InfoPath 2007 has integrated VSTA. You can see VSTA in action by designing an InfoPath form and pressing Alt-Shift-F12 to…