SharePoint development in Visual Studio 10

Are you interested in SharePoint development and you’re wondering what tools for supporting SharePoint development are coming in Visual Studio 10? Head over to Channel9 to view the video and get a sneak-peak.


How we test – a high level overview

Hello, my name is Erik Cutts and I’m a tester (SDET) on the Business Applications team in Visual Studio. As a tester working on developer tools for several years I have had the unique opportunity to build tools for the best (and most demanding) customers in the world: Developers! As such I’d like to give…


Creating a simple sequential workflow

Purpose of this post is to show you how to get started developing SharePoint MOSS 12 workflows with Visual Studio 2008 by creating a simple sequential workflow. Let’s say we want to create a workflow that creates a task each time user creates new announcement in Announcement list. First step is to launch Visual Studio…


What is the difference between sequential and state machine workflows?

Since this is our second post to this blog, I thought we should start with something very simple. I am aware that most of you probably know the answer to the question in the title, but this post could help those who don’t know the answer or are not totally sure about it. What could…


Welcome to the Visual Studio SharePoint Tools Blog!

Before we get into any technical details, I just wanted to give you the background on how we came up with the idea of having this team blog, what this blog is about, as well as who will be contributing to the blog. Some of you may have read Peter Jausovec’s VSTO blog. One day,…