The Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools are now available!

The Visual Studio team that brought you the SharePoint developer tools in Visual Studio 2010 is happy to announce we have created a set of power tools that make developing SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solutions even easier.  Below is the list of features included in the current release of the power tools.


Sandboxed-compatible Visual Web Part
This item template enables you to use a visual designer to create SharePoint web parts that can be deployed in a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed solution.


Sandboxed Compilation
This extension displays build errors when you use types or members in a SharePoint 2010 sandboxed project which are not allowed in the SharePoint sandbox environment.


The Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power Tools are available immediately on the Visual Studio Gallery.

Mike Morton - Program Manager - Visual Studio

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  1. Ali says:

    Apart from being MS Supported, is there any reason that I would use this over ?

  2. Hello Ali – We felt these two pieces of sandbox functionality were important to release.  Not everyone can or does use extensions that are not from Microsoft.


  3. Iouri Simernitski says:


    This is a great question! When I installed CKSdev extensions a few weeks ago, a few things were different. We are delighted to see the cksdev project evolve fast, so forgive me if I get some of its features wrong.

    CKSdev Sandboxed Visual Web Part does not have templates for VisualBasic. It uses a WebPart containing a User Control in source code form. The web part from the Power Tools has a visual designer for the web part itself, which is a more direct approach, and includes item templates for both C# and VB.

    CKSdev has an option of invoking Sandboxed compilation on the context menu. Power Tools integrate sandoxed compilation into the main Compile MSBuild target, which means that you get the errors during normal build end even red "squiggles" without building in Visual Studio.

    CKSdev is very feature-rich, while Power Tools do just two things. I would recommend installing both CKSdev and Power Tools, as they complement each other nicely.

    Hope this helps,


  4. It would be better to use the Q&A tab in VS Gallery to have discussions like this; let's continue this over there.  



  5. Didier Caron says:

    The SharePoint Powertools target file interferes with webroles in visual studio. when i create a webrole, it uses the .target file in the msbuild -> v4 -> import after file.

  6. Latha says:

    Will this work for repeater control

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