We’re Still Here!

Sorry for our absence in the last couple of weeks - we've had some internal deadlines to hit and so everyone on the team has been really swamped. However, things are calming down again so I hope to have some new posts up soon. Feel free to post up requests for any topics you'd like to see.

 Thanks for reading!

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  1. topic proposal:

    – variadic templates in vc++ 2010 as a patch for 2008

  2. Samsa says:


    Here is a couple of topics that might be interesting:

    – Functionality of the new ClassWizard in VS2010;

    – Any changes in Resource-Editor or Resource management at all;

    – Any plans for skinning framework for MFC-Dialogs?

    Best regards!

  3. Brian Tyler says:

    Torsten, Samsa

    Thanks for the suggestions. Since these are parts of the VC toolsets rather than project system, we’ve passed along the suggestions to the respective teams. Feedback so far is that they are planning to cover these (probably on vcblog) around the beta 2 timeframe.

  4. Brett says:

    Can you please talk more about project filters? I am especially interested in hearing why the decision was made to move filters into a separate vcxproj.filters file. It seems kind of strange to have multiple vcxproj files per project when a single would suffice.

  5. Jalf says:

    Thoughts on giving the ancient VC++ Project wizards (and default project types) an overhaul?

    I really wish I didn’t have to mess around with undocumented JavaScript APIs just to define a project type with sensible default settings.

  6. horeaper@hotmail.com says:

    So you’re onto beta 2, right? If that’s the case, I can forgive you guys about "we’re still here" and no new post in the next half month ^_^

  7. Brian Tyler says:

    *sigh* yes lol – we’re still here and still not writing. I was a little optimistic when I posted that.

    Let me at least address the last couple of comments.

    Brett & Filters – Give me a bit longer to address that one, I’d like to write up a post on that.

    Jalf & Project Wizards – There is a lot of discussion about moving to the same template system as is used by the rest of VS and drop the JS wizard approach. Unfortunately, using the "if you had $100 to spend" concept, we simply ran out of money this release.

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