Performance degradation in multiple regions – 01/16 – Mitigated

Final Update: Tuesday, January 16th 2018 23:56 UTC

The issue has been mitigated.
• Telemetry indicated that calls to SPS Extensions were failing due to client authentication errors.
• We performed a certificate update earlier today which we suspected was related to the authentication error
• While we were in the process of rolling back the certificate update, the issue resolved on its own

We are continuing to investigate root cause

  • Incident Timeline: 1 hour & 20 minutes – 2018/01/16 20:38 UTC through 2018/01/16 21:50 UTC


Update: Tuesday, January 16th 2018 21:24 UTC

  • Since this initial update below, an updated assessment shows the impact is limited to SPS Extension Service which handles functionality like roaming settings and user avatar images.
  • Users will not notice any performance degradation or errors across major VSTS features, but will notice issues with their avatar and/or roaming settings using IDE.


Initial Update: Tuesday, January 16th 2018 20:53 UTC

We're investigating performance degradation being faced by VSTS users across multiple regions. We're working to understand the reason and will post an update soon.

  • Next Update: Before Tuesday, January 16th 2018 21:25 UTC

Sri Harsha

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