After installing Office 2016 Version 1609 Office files containing VBA Form may hang the Office application [Update: Fixed in Office 2016, 1610 build]


If an Office file has a UserForm which has Cycle Property set to “2 – fmCycleCurrentForm” (or any other control which has this property set) then the Office application may hang while trying to show this UserForm in Office 2016 Version 1609.


This is a bug which is being worked by Product group.


a. Move to Version 1608 following the article below

b.  If there is a machine where you can open the file (older build of Office 2016 or older Office versions):

  1. Open the file
  2. Go to VBA IDE (by pressing alt + F11)
  3. Go through each forms in design mode and see if any of them has ‘Cycle’ property as ‘2’(fmCycleCurrentForm).
  4. If any form/frame has such value, make it ‘0’ (fmCycleAllForms).

Note: Issue can also occur if any ‘Frame’ control is set with cycle property ‘2’ as well


This is fixed in Latest Version of Office 2016 Build : 1610.

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