Excel xml file behaves differently when opened in 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Internet Explorer


Suppose you have an Excel XML file and you try to open it in inside an Internet Explorer 32 bit version(by drag drop), it opens just fine in Excel on a Microsoft Office 2010 machine. But if you try to open the same XML file inside a 64 bit version of Internet explorer, you will find the xml text being displayed inside the browser instead of the Excel file being launched.



iexplore.exe attempts to enumerate both Content Type- Text/XML and Content Type-application/vnd-ms-excel, however, in the failing x64 bit iexplore.exe it only enumerates Content Type-Text/XML but Content Type-application/vnd-ms-excel is NOT found in registry.


Resolution :

Adding the following registry entry  resolves the issue and the Excel xml file opens fine even in the 64 bit Internet Explorer–



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