Word 2003 SP3 throws intermittent error – There is insufficient memory. Save the document now




An application automating Word 2003 SP3 intermittently throws below exception from Open method:


"System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A13E9): There is insufficient memory. Save the document now."






Error Message: There is insufficient memory. Save the document now






This is a generic error message which can arise due to multiple reasons (most of the time, it’s due to an actual memory issue), but in this specific case, error arises when there are a lot of word temporary files.






1) Delete temporary files from %Temp% folder (Go to start->Run, type %Temp% and hit enter).


2) Delete temporary files from <Temporary Internet Files>\Content.Word folder. "Temporary Internet Files" folder can be found by opening "Internet Explorer->Tools->Options->General Tab->Browsing history->Settings->View Files".


Note: Word writes temporary files to above folders and sometimes these files cannot be deleted due to abnormal exit of Word instance.


Comments (2)

  1. KMSenthil says:


    Thanks for the solution

    I was using Windows 2003 SP3 version.

    Please let me know during word automation why temporary files are placed in “Temporary Internet Files” folder

    Thanks in Advance


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