Web service call fails from Office customizations

  Scenario: A client makes a call into a custom library function. Library function in turn makes a call to an external web service/WCF service by using add service reference and throws an exception.   This is very common in Excel UDF, Office customizations where reusable components/DLLs/Library Projects are used to access business functionalities exposed…


Office customization creates/loads DLL from temporary folder

Microsoft Customers have asked the following and other questions about the VSTO shadow copy feature. This blog will discusses VSTO and shadow copy. Here are frequent questions: 1) VSTO customization writes a DLL to a temporary location. Is that mandatory? Can it be disabled? 2) Can Shadow copy be disabled for VSTO customization? 3) The…


Resizing the embedded OLE objects using .NET

A few days back, I’ve got a case where my customer wanted to resize the embedded OLE Object programmatically? In this case Excel was embedded in Visio, that embedded file added to the shapes collection in Visio but in reality its nothing but an OLE document and we want to resize the OLE document instead…


VSTO 2008 Throws CannotCreateCustomizationDomainException when Microsoft Word Math Add-in is installed

In one of my recent cases; one of my customer has installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1, then he tried to create a new Word/Excel add-in project and he gets the following exception :- "Customization could not be loaded because the application domain could not be created" Microsoft.VisualStudio.Tools.Applications.Runtime.CannotCreateCustomizationDomainException: Customization could not be loaded because the application…


MapPoint and Data Execution Prevention(DEP)

A developer using MapPoint 2006 and Visual Studio 2008 on Vista was developing a windows based application, with the MapPoint control placed on the windows form. He was using the following code: Private _objMap As MapPoint.MapPrivate Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load      _objMap = AxMappointControl1.NewMap(MapPoint.GeoMapRegion.geoMapEurope)End Sub Every time he ran…


Troubleshooting COM Add-In load failures

This post helps troubleshoot Office COM Add-In load failures.  As there can be many factors contributing to the failure, it is necessary that we be methodical when we approach this issue to ensure we haven’t missed anything simple.   Before we begin, please note the terminology used in this post: COM Add-In is an Add-in…

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