Error 26403.Failed to add user to group

Visual Studio 2013 unattended installation fails on Win8.1/8.0 OSs when deployed via SCCM 2012. As per the MSI log (dd_vs_professional_XXXXX_XX_vs_professionalcore.log):

MSI (s) (00:80) [17:04:35:024]: Executing op: ActionStart(Name=CreateUser,,)
MSI (s) (00:80) [17:04:35:024]: Executing op: CustomActionSchedule(Action=CreateUser,ActionType=11265,Source=BinaryData,Target=**********,CustomActionData=**********)
MSI (s) (00:14) [17:04:35:071]: Invoking remote custom action. DLL: C:\Windows\Installer\MSID2F7.tmp, Entrypoint: CreateUser
CreateUser:  Entering CreateUser in C:\Windows\Installer\MSID2F7.tmp, version 3.7.1701.0
CreateUser:  Failed to add user: SYSTEM, domain Test to group: Performance Log Users, domain:  with error 0x8007056b.  Attempting to use Active Directory
CreateUser:  Error 0x80005000: Failed to add user Test/SYSTEM to group 'WinNT://Localhost/Performance Log Users'.
CreateUser:  Error 0x80005000: failed to add user: SYSTEM to group Performance Log Users

Error 26403.Failed to add user to group.  (-2147463168   SYSTEM   Performance Log Users   )
MSI (s) (00!28) [17:04:35:430]: Product: Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 -- Error 26403.Failed to add user to group.  (-2147463168   SYSTEM  
Performance Log Users   )

CustomAction CreateUser returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

Here, the CustomAction "CreateUser" fails while trying to add the SYSTEM user in the DOMAIN context to the Performance Log Users group. This is a known issue and this is fixed in Visual Studio Update 2. With VS 2013 Update 2 we introduced Slipstream which is Visual Studio and the Updates 1 + 2 into the same installation. Full VS 2013 Update packages Slipstreamed and non-Slipstreamed (Pro/Prem/Ult) are not released to Volume Licensing Service.

In order to resolve this issue,  download Trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with Update 3  and install it using the command:  “vs_<VERSION>.exe /q /norestart /ProductKey <25CHARKEY>”

Since the downloads of Slipstream on Download Center and MSDN are trial versions only and will require a product key after 30 days, you can use the VL product key provided to you in the “Download” section of Visual Studio 2013 in Volume Licensing Service (called “Setup Key”) with the Slipstream product you are installing. The command “vs_<VERSION>.exe /q /norestart /ProductKey <VOLUMELICENSE_25CHARKEY>” allows you to do an unattended install and insert your product key upon install to avoid having to enter it after the trial period expires. More information on using command-line parameters on install can be found here.

Comments (5)

  1. Randy S says:

    I am seeing this on a 're-install' (did an uninstall now doing an install) attempt when using a DSC called on an extract from this iso en_visual_studio_premium_2013_with_update_3_x86_dvd_4836351.iso using commands of /quiet /NoRefresh /LOG c:AddedAppsVS2013VS_2013_U3.log /adminfile c:AddedAppsVS2013Admindeployment.xml. DSC is using the Package resource and the Credential is entered (mine). Running the command in a prompt works, DCS did not. Error was just after "Applying execute package: vs_professionalcore, action: Install,…"

  2. Please contact DSC vendor.

  3. Brad says:

    Please be advised this issue is still occurring even using the trial version as linked above, both with and without providing the key via the command line execution.

    I.e. this remains unresolved.

  4. Brad, please share the latest log file. This issue wouldn't occur with the Trial version of Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2013 with Update 4 (…/download-visual-studio-vs) as it is already a tested scenario.

  5. Martha Stored Procedure says:

    I get the same error when installing the Personal Gateway Enterprise

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