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  1. Pete Luetchford says:

    Please update the links to info about the User Profile Hive Cleanup Service – both links are wrong.


  2. Jordan F says:

    Unfortunately "User Profile Hive Cleanup Service" (UPHClean Service) is only compatible with Windows XP and Server 2003.

    For Vista/Server 2008 and newer, the hive unload behavior has changed.

    I'm experimenting with the GPO setting DisableForceUnload = 1.

    Our issue cropped up when deploying WSUS, which was configured to automatically reboot the workstation after a period of time.  In our case, the forced reboot appears to be the precipitant of our hive corruptions.

    Check out this MSDN blog article for more info on the GPO:…/more-on-user-profile-service-functionality.aspx

    Hope I've helped,


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