MSDN Library setup for Visual Studio 2008 fails to install



When you try to install MSDN Library setup for Visual Studio 2008 it would fail with the below error message.

"Setup has detected that the HTML Help data files are corrupt and cannot continue. Click Ok to close setup"


This error occurs when the NSList.hxl file has become corrupted. The NSList.hxl file is the common help data file that is used by many Microsoft applications.


To resolve this issue we have to replace the corrupt NSList.hxl file with a new one, to achieve that follow the below steps.

1. Browse to the location “%SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft Help\” and rename the NSList.hxl file to NSList.hxl_old

2. Open the source folder of Visual Studio 2008 and browse to “WCU\DExplore” folder in it. Launch the DExplore.exe and reinstall it.

3. These steps would reinstall a new NSList.hxl file on the machine.

After this installation of MSDN Library setup for Visual Studio 2008 should be successful.

Content by : Sarat Chandra

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