Issues with the installation of VC++ Redistributable packages. Error: The feature you are trying to use is in a network resource that is unavailable.



We have seen few issues  with the installation of VC++ redistributables. You are always welcome to involve us for the installation issue. However, if this issue is part of another issue and you just want to fix it instead of waiting on us, you could follow the steps below and if the issue still persists, you could involve the appropriate team.

Most of the cases, we see the following error  when the customers try to install the VC++ redistributable 2005, VC++ redistributable 2005 SP1, VC++ redistributable 2008, VC++ redistributable 2008 SP1.

clip_image002 clip_image004

In the Event viewer, you might find the following:


This error means that the package is missing the source for the VC++ redist which is “vcredist.msi”. Hence we need to get the “vcredist.msi”  and point this installation to that file.

Why does it happen?

It is one of the best behaviors of our own MSI installer, if it does not find the source of the application, it starts the “Resiliency” due to which we see that error.

Where can we get that file from?

Follow the steps below:

Download the Visual C++ 2005 Redist/ Visual C++ 2008 Redist  accordingly.

Run the command mentioned in the image:


We will see the following Dialogue and click on “Yes”.


We will be asked for the location where you want the file to be extracted.


Mention the location :


We will find the following file after the extraction.


Run the same command for the extracted file as well:


Now, we could see the “vcredist.msi” file :


We could point this file to the installation which it was asking for and click on “OK”. After this the installation should go on fine. Normally it does not give any message saying it was successful. We should be good now. If you still experience the issue with the installation please feel free to involve us.

If the issue occurs, with the SP1 for the redistributables, it might not work if  we get the “vcreidst.msi” for the VC++ Redist 2005/2008 SP1. We will need to get the “vcredist.msi” for the RTM.


Content by : Parameswary Pandian


Comments (25)

  1. Louix Monk says:

    I tried to install fifa 12 but it said that my vc++ was not installed correctly! What shall i do!

  2. mknd7 says:

    I'm getting something like "This is not a valid version.. blah"

    Any solutions?

  3. I tried this but it doesn't work for me. I am working on this issue for more than one month and I do have issue and getting tired of this. Please help.

  4. ClintW says:

    If this isn't working try the sp1 package, worked for me when the RTM vcredist.msi gave me the same error.

  5. Vishal says:

    The steps helped me, my issue resolved,

    thank you

  6. JR Fetty says:

    Hi, Hope you can still help. I have this problem and cannot install an update  (KB2538242) because my system give me this complaint.  To the best of my knowledge I followed the instructions correctly but still no joy, please could I get some help?

    How do I make contact with someone who could lead me through this?  I'm not a computer genius but I can usually follow instructions competently.  Please help.


    JR Fetty

  7. KEVOOGLE says:

    IM HAVING PROBLEMS I THINK IS DOWNLOAD MANAGER VIRUS? I GET ERROR SAYING (( FEATURE IM TRYING TO USE IS ON A NETWORK RESOURSE THAT IS UNAVAILABLE )) AND ALSO I can not download nothing,no programs, it will go directly to a download viewing page where ut ask to run or save. when i click any , run, it will repeat the viewing download page over and over. thats is as far as it goes. i can't download or upgrade ,update programs. i can uninstall certain programs but when i try to uninstal microsoft security essentials it will , other programs say, resourse is unavailable.i can't fix my computer because I can not download programs. i couldnt even get a tech to come aboard because i cant download the remote. ???help please ANY ADVICE WILL BE APPRECIATED.

  8. KEVOOGLE says:

    HOW CAN I DOWNLOAD (( Visual C++ 2005 Redist/ Visual C++ 2008 Redist )) TO HELP ME IF I can not download nothing? is there a way to download programs without going through my download manager. it has taken control of my computer with its download manager virus???

  9. jaro dams says:

    the last command for the extracted file fails. Any suggestions?

  10. jaro dams says:

    Ok I found it. had to run from file where download was in 🙂 thnx for the help, I can play my game again 😀

  11. uni says:

    This Visual C stuff is totally incomprehensible, and Microsoft have no right to generate this much complexity and confusion.  One should never have to find a Visual C++ file to install along with any other kind of software; this is just another example of incorrigible "design" that has no real design, sense, merit, consistency or relationship with any form of reality or worth.  I hate all this file and install rubbish.  It simply adds to the burden of stress that people dealing with PC's have to face.

  12. Steven says:

    This helped to some part. The program I'm trying to install, which is the one requesting the .msi file we generated, lets me know the file is incorrect or not correct, and/or that the folder I've stored it's not a place to install C++. I've tried placing the .msi file in C, D, root directories, then inside the Windows folder, and nothing. So this didn't solve the issue. Apparently I should move it to %Temp0000 something

  13. Nayan Wankhade says:

    wow!! thanks my dude ….. thakniees for that . keep going on …. ur best ..

  14. Alix Carrillo says:

    Hello, I am following of the steps to download the vc++ but when i get it and try to download the application that I first wanted before coming to this problem, it gave me the same pop-up/ window that says "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable." How can I fix this I have tried many times now and it won't work someone pls help me.

  15. Sathesh says:

    Good stuff, Thanks mate! Helped me solve me issue!

  16. Paul Verschooten says:

    hi,when I run the command: vcredist_x86 /c  like you asked,my command mentions the following:"this command is not recognized as an internal command,program,or hatchfile"Please,what should I do??


  17. xawseeb yon says:

    You're going to brag about an after-the-fact module dedicated to surfacing error messages (aptly named "Resiliency") as if it were some kind of amazing advancement in software design? Really?

    Your instructions obviously do not work for many people, yet you dumped one very-typical-MS full-of-yourself pile of steaming dung-for-instructions (in broken English, yet…) and simply left people here to suffer. Death to the Evil in the Evil Empire!

  18. xawseeb yon says:

    Just to clarify, "Death to the Evil in the Evil Empire" means "Death to _Evil_ in the E.E.", == "Death to Hubris" in it — i.e. Please Already, an _end_ to this transparent-yet-unmerited attitude of Superiority that accompanies so many weak, deficient responses to people's legitimate pleas for help with your feeble software.  →No one's going to accuse me of advocating violence ("death"), when the only thing I want to "die" is your *attitude*:  All I want is for you self-styled geniuses (who are more concerned that everybody not "involve us", than you are to do the job right in the first place, or even in the second or third place…) at least to provide clear, robust manual fix-up instructions that will work for a broad range of us frustrated users (i.e., in lieu of doing original robust programming, let alone actual software engineering).  Stop assuming that everybody your software doesn't work for must be incompetent!  If MS would spend *half* the resources on guaranteeing genuine quality to the end-user (including true elegance and simplicity of design) that it spends on making sure everybody pays at least once for its so-called intellectual property, it would not be so widely called "the Evil Empire"!  Find some humility and offer some genuine solutions!

  19. Brian says:

    Thank you good sir. You have saved me after two hours of fruitless work.

  20. Brad Pu says:

    This is the right solution! Thank you!

  21. Sanjeev Zopfan says:

    Just use 7Zip to extract VCRedist.msi from vcredist_x86.exe. Its very simple. Very very simple. No Command prompt or run commands. No searching the required msi from temp folders.

  22. Sanjeev Zopfan says:


    Just use 7Zip to extract VCRedist.msi from vcredist_x86.exe. Its very simple. Very very simple. No Command prompt or run commands. No searching the required msi from temp folders.

    And thus you get your required msi file to resolve the above stated problems.

    1. David says:

      My good sir, thank you very much for your wise instructions and advice. It was of great help and solved my issue. May you be filled with happiness and punani.

  23. I download vc redist 2010 then when i istall it,it not happening but when after i restart my pc cannot use volume,internet connetion and all inside got error

  24. Maor says:

    Okay, fixed.

    The issue is basically the inability of the installer to -uninstall- the previous version of the runtime.

    What I did was running the “microsoft program install and uninstall utility”, choosing “Uninstalling”, and finding the correct version of the runtime it tried to uninstall (“Microsoft Visual C++ etc.) . You may need to do this a few times for different versions (MinimumRuntime, AdditionalRuntime). See the error message you get for the exact version you need to fix. It may or may not be the version you’re trying to install.

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