MS11-049 patch is re-offered through Windows Update

Recently MS11-049 (KB2251481) patch was re-released (9th August, 2011) and it is re-offered through Windows Update for the scenario where users have both Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and Visual Studio 2005 Premier Partner Edition SP1 installed on their systems.  The workaround is to remove KB2251481 (June’s release) from the system and reinstall KB2251481 (August’s release).

Please find the below alternative solution for the larger number of systems that need this workaround.

You should be able to use the following script to uninstall the old patch across multiple machines.

Msiexec /I {ProductID} MSIPATCHREMOVE={PatchCode} /qb 

Below is an example command that you may have to tailor to your specifications:

Msiexec /I {437AB8E0-FB69-4222-B280-A64F3DE22591} MSIPATCHREMOVE={23036C23-ECDE-47F5-A908-BEC94EE0456F} /qb  

Note: The PatchCode above (23036C23-ECDE-47F5-A908-BEC94EE0456F) is the actual PatchCode for MSRC 9929 and will not have to be changed when you run the script. 

             The ProductID above (437AB8E0-FB69-4222-B280-A64F3DE22591) is the ProductID for VS 2005 SP1 Professional ENU only and may have to be changed when you run the script.

 To find your ProductID:

Open Setup.sdb in notepad, which can be found in a path similar to: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Setup\Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional Edition – ENU\setup.sdb

In notepad, CTRL+F and search for “ProdID”.

 For more information please see “Uninstalling Patches” on the MSDN site.

You can also access the new patch through Download Center, here.


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