.Net framework 4.0 installation with DEP turned on

When your environment needs DEP to be on on your XP SP3 machine and you want to install .Net framework 4.0, we need to ensure that Handwriting recognition is removed.


When you try to install .Net framework 4.0 on windows XP SP3 with DEP turned on, it fails to install. The installation window just pops up and shuts down.


The .Net framework 4.0 installation could be incompatible with both DEP and handwriting recognition enabled.


If you want to install .Net framework 4.0 with DEP turned on, execute the steps as follows

1. Choose the "Date,time, language and regional options"

2. click on the "Regional and language options"

3. Choose the "languages" tab

4. Click details on the "text services and input languages"

5. On the settings tab, under the installed services section, choose Handwriting recognition and choose to remove

6. Click ok all the way out


Content by : Dhathri P

Reviewed by : Ravi Shankar

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