Visual Studio 2008 Hangs in Design View with ASP.Net web pages

To solve this issue, please refer to the link below


Content by : Soumitra Mondal

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  1. salman says:


    first excuse me for my bad English,

    I solved this problem for myself, and I hope yours to be solved too

    MY PROBLEM : with one of my ASP projects, when I switched to design view in VS2008 , it were hanged.

    MY SOLUTION : I use <%– –%> and commented all lines of my MasterPage and then I had no problem for switching to design view, then I converged it in arrived to an ANCHOR tag :

    <a href="Default.aspx">TEXT</a>

    when I converted it to

    <a href="~/Default.aspx">TEXT</a>

    my problem were solved.

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